Riot Games is still working to make League of Legends a game that suits as much as possible to the preferences of its users. For this reason, since the company is working to improve different aspects that they believe will be positive for the gameplay.

This includes a very broad spectrum of things, since the area of work Riot Games with League of Legends has different paths. One in which they will focus in the next few days are going to be the players that are out of the games in the selection of champions.

This is important because it is more common and more complex than it seems. With what you want to end from Riot Games are with players who get within a game and is going before you start, making the rest of the players have to get back in queue.

This can get to be somewhat desperate. It is true that the waiting times in League of Legends are pretty shortbut having to wait for the entire process because one person has decided to get away for whatever reason, tends to be something that mosquea enough to the players.

For this reason, Riot Games is going to increase the penalties in relation to this type of behavior. The idea is that the time penalty may be much more extensive for the players who do this practice on a regular basis. In addition, also it will increase the points lost by doing these types of practices.

This measure will not take effect immediately, but that is a plan for the next few months. Obviously, the goal of Riot Games is to improve the gaming experiencebut it is true that it will harm those players who are leaving because they have to face a troll than from before the start already warns you that you are going to lose intentionally.