Riot Games announced at the celebration of 10 years of League of Legends new games. Between them stood out Wild Rift, the reduced version of LoL, but for mobile. This will be available for Android and iOS, but in its final version.

The alpha closed and will be launched only in Brazil and the Philippines, unfortunately it has been reported that only the users of mobile phones with the Google operating system will be able to access. It was Hideo Hikida, one of the producers of this release, confirmed this information.

A user asked if the alpha of a Wild Rift would come to both operating systems, but replied that for now they plan on launching for iOS.

“Tveryone knows that Brazil has the fans most passionate in the world. Currently, we made a test CCXP in Brazil last year and exceeded the expectations of the whole team. The gaming there is evolving as we speak and can’t wait to see how they play there”, adds Hikida.

Riot Games has promised that very soon there will be news regarding the release of this game. So soon, we are focusing on the beta of VALORANT, the shooter.