Little by little we are taking news about League of Legends: Wild Rift, the next major release which is expected in the horizon of Riot Games. The popular MOBA of the company should, if all goes well, receive your own adaptation to mobile at some stage in this year 2020. This past weekend, its developers have left us news the Twitter official game, commenting for the first time what will be the requirements mnimos you receive the title on Android and iOS devices.

Riot Games aims to follow a line very clear with this Wild Rift: “Under the premise of creating a good gaming experience that meets both the development team as the players, we are working on the requirements mnimos that require Wild Rift at its launch. We want to get that is available in the greatest number of devices phones possibleif and when this does not compromise the full experience of the game”, comment.

This is going in line with the intentions of the company already we have seen in previous recent releases like the version mobile of Teamfight Tacticsthe card game Legends of Runeterra or the closed beta of Valorant in PC.

Requirements mnimos LoL: Wild Rift on Android

Specifications mnimas the game in mobile Android. Are the following:

  • Memory RAM: 1.5 GB or higher.
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 410.
  • GPU: Adreno 306.

The company warns that the requirements must be be as a minimum these or higher. Although it is also confirm that they are working to ensure that the release date is to be able to play in intel 32-bit Android.

Requirements mnimos LoL: Wild Rift on iOS

And these are the requirements mnimos in iPhone and iOS devices:

  • At least in iOS: iPhone 6 and higher models.

“We know that it is a requirement of a slightly longer than previously announced”, comment. However confan in able to improve and optimize these characteristics while they continue to work on them so that the greatest number of users can access the game.

Alpha limited in Brazil and the Philippines

Finally, Riot Games has also confirmed that the next month they are going to bring to Brazil and the Philippines a first test the game of phones, activating a version Alpha limited. Of time not say much more about it, but promise news at the end of may. We do not know if future alfas will be able to get to the territory Spanish or european.

Apparently the last update that the team of Wild Rift she left us in the social network is debi, mainly, to a misunderstanding that had occurred recently in the Google Play store to reason of a fault committed. The application of the game ofreca a button “advance access” that if you pressed is convert in a button “installation”. This was accidental, of course, since it was an option that was activated by mistake and that permits access to an early-access is non-existent. Riot Games confirm that this error should be already solved.

League of Legends: Wild Rift be a game MOBA for Android and iOS, an adaptation of the popular League of Legends PC Riot Games. Its release date is expected to this year 2020.