When League of Legends the age of 10, Riot Games announced the development of several games. Two of them are already in its first stage (VALORANT and Legends of Runeterra).

On the other hand, many were expecting the release of the beta Wild Rift the reduced version of LoL for Android and iOS. The developer has finally shared some new details of the app.

Many of you have found a link to “beta test” that has appeared in the playstore. Using this link you have put your mind in a state where a button appears to install the game but when you give it to install get an error. This was our fault. we have the option of Early Access when not even there was such a file in the playstore. If you were affected by this most likely because you should appear the button to pre-register again, so everything should be back to normal again.” reads the announcement.

It has been announced that the specifications have risen a bit due to that they are preparing a beta for Brazil and the Philippines. You are prompted that the mobile device has 1.5 GB of RAM, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, gpu Adreno 306.

In terms of Apple, Wild Rift will be compatible with iPhone 6 up. In the following days will be sharing more content about the launch.

These temporarily increasing the minimum requirements for the alpha for the following month (June) in Brazil and the Philippines. More information will come at the end of may.” reads the message of the company.