Show more details of League of Legends Wild Rift

In October of 2019, it was announced League of Legends Wild Rift. Wild Rift is the adapted version of League of Legends (LoL) and your original mode within the Crack Summoner, for devices mobile and consoles. Since then it has not been given more information about it. However, Riot Games and the developers of this game have received a huge amount of feedback and encouragement for development to come to fruition as soon as possible.

Journal of development

For this they have decided to share a briefJournal of development focused on the design of the champions. The great premise is keep the essence of champions your favorite players. But they are also focusing on get played spectacular in the version of PCalso arriving in the version for mobile devices.

Talk about that the most consistent would be that champions like Ziggs, Orianna and Nami are very similar to the original version, even though it’s not confirmed to 100%. However, despite the fact that many champions will be identical, others will receive minor adjustments with the arrival to new platforms (mobile and consoles). As they can get to shine a lot more with different mechanical, as add active to the passive skills new passive skills that were not or change spells, click to skillshoots, as with the Q of Annie and Miss Fortune.


Ask you earnestly to have patience, as they continue to work on the development of the same. Still unable to provide a date of departure the title to consoles and mobile devices, because they need more time before moving on to the next phases of testing. They also recommend do not download any app that is not official League of Legends or Riot Games, because of time have not posted anything. Warn also, that will offer news of Wild Rift so that we should not expect information in the coming months.

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