‘The mexican’ Ali ‘Seiya’ Bracamontes, the player with the most titles in League of Legends (LoL) in Latin america, said he does not like this video game as before.

“You can’t do something for so long and continue to enjoy it always hundred per cent. I like League of Legends, but obviously I think that makes seven or eight I played a lot more, just thought of it, now also, but in another aspect, it is my profession,” explained the carrilero central champion Isurus.

The records in the specialised page Leaguepedia say that the career of Seiya started in June of 2012.

In this Opening 2020 of ALL, the peruvian Sebastián ‘Oddie’ Child, Isurus, and chile’s Joaquin ‘Pleased’ Perez, of All the Knights, announced his retirement. Pleased it will do so after the Opening 2020 and Oddie after the Closing by 2020.

“The removal is something that goes on in the mind of everyone, especially after a defeat, it is natural. Personally I’m not thinking about retirement right now, I feel that as soon as the time comes I will know”, added the player of 23 years.

Seiya, who is said to be in its best version, it will face its third consecutive final with Isurus, which will look for the tri-championship of the LLA. On Saturday, the shark and the player most emblematic of the region, they will meet in the match for the title to All Knights, the team that won the Clausura 2019.


The estadio Movistar Arena de Santiago de Chile, was the scene of the Final Latinoamericana de League of Legends.

“Before All Knights will be a starting couple, it is better that the team that we defeated last year. Have a better shooter -Korean Noh ‘Alive’ Jin-wook, appointed foreign of the season-but his jungle -the argentine Manuel ‘Pancake’ Scala – and your top rail -Park ‘Jisu’ Jin-cheo – are worse than the players last year,” complemented the mexican.

All Knights got their pass to the final on the 19th of April, a week before Isurus, who had to play the quarter-finals and semi-finals last Saturday and Sunday.

For Seiya, this will be an advantage for the chilean organization who were able to see eight games of the champion with their respective strategies.

“They have an advantage, but is not the great thing. We have a week to prepare, we have selections of champions that do not use; it is something that we can deal with,” he mentioned.

To get to the end, Isurus beat Infinity Esports in the quarter and Rainbow7 Sunday. With both teams overcame a 1-0 in against to close with three victories in a row.

“I don’t think there is much difference between us and the other teams in a matter of level, but we know when to turn on the switch of the final stage. We know how to transform and adapt to the best of five and I feel that him lack to the other teams,” said Bracamontes.

The player born in Ciudad Obregon, northern Mexico, is described as a person who does not like to lose. “Losing feels a lot worse than winning feels. It is very miserable to put so much work and not see the fruits of losing”, concluded.