This weekend’s return Clash at League of Legends. It is a good time to gather your friends to compete in this tournament short. In turn, there will come a new event with the rework of Volibear.

The bear of the thunder has been in the process of reinvention in the laboratory of RiotGames. After the launch of the new Fiddlesticks, the company announced that it was now the turn of Volibear.

On the 9th of may, there will come a special event next to the new champion. Despite the fact that Riot Games has kept it in secret in secret some animations and skills, it is known that the E and the ability to short will completely change.

We remind you that when you get the rework, players who already have the champion get a skin, so it is a good time to buy it. You will have one of the best jungles of the current goal.