In the eSport of League of Legends it became tradition that in the year organised two major international events where it competed against champions from all the regions competitive. However, the coronavirus has interfered in the calendar.

The organization of the Mid-Season Invitational, 2020 is still uncertain. In an official statement from the company, it became known that would like to postpone their announcement of the date and the location. Before the expected, various sources say that has simply been cancelled and we are waiting for the announcement.

According to Travis Gaffordthere’s no going back. Everything seems to indicate that the MSI 2020 has been cancelled.

Yes, it sucks. One of our goals was to get the split spring to go to the MSI and improve from there […] It sucks, but we don’t catch anyone by surprise”replied the mid-laner for Cloud9 Nisqy.

For the first time in the history of the club us achieve a title, and could not participate in the international event, half a year, will have to wait until Worlds 2020.

The biggest problem with regard to the organization of events are the airline, which have been cancelled by coronavirus.

Dota 2 might have a solution

The Major of The Angels of Dota 2 is expected to be one of the big events of the Professional Circuit, but had to change the format to play yes or yes. Each region competitive had their own keys and the Major closed with several winners.

Thanks to this format change, Peru won its first title in the DPC. Beastcoast beat their other three opponents from South america to lift the cup.

The MSI 2020 could also have a reduced version and decaffeinated where the server of northern Latin america, in front of the south or something similar.