The coronavirus has also affected the schedule of eSports. The league League of Legends in all the world had to move their format completely online in order not to expose to the viewers nor to the pro-players.

Under this same premise, it was decided to postpone the Mid-Season Invitational, 2020 from may to July, but the situation has not improved. The biggest problem, as communicated by Riot Games are the restrictions of flight, which makes it impossible for the arrival of the proplayers to the international competition.

Today, April 23rd, she shared a statement from John Needham in which he announced the final cancellation.

From the model that provided us with our advisors, external risk, it seems highly unlikely that both the diffusion and the global impact of the COVID-19 as policies to restrict travel and public gatherings to decrease significantly for the dates planned for the MSI (from 3 to 19 July). Taking into account this model, as well as information provided by health authorities, local governments, leagues and regional teams, travel experts and other stakeholders, we made the hard decision not to carry the MSI in 2020. We believe that it is necessary to take this measure to care for the health and safety of the players, the teams, staff, partners, the press and the fans.

The MSI is an international tournament that brings together the global community of League of Legends, and any alternative version of the event that we could make this year would not meet our standards.

Fortunately, our 12 regional leagues continue to operate thanks to innovative production resources. Our game and the esports resulting have been a great source of entertainment almost everyday for millions of players and fans, and will continue to be so. To now take this decision, our regional leagues can go back to their calendars original for the Tournament Closing, without the alterations that would lead to a world event several weeks in July. Our aim is to support and increase the weekly game of teams and players from the regional leagues, as they now compete to win their Tournaments and Decommissioning qualify for the World Championship of League of Legends 2020.“reads the official statement.

Despite this cancellation, League of Legends is evaluating to launch activities and events alternative to half a year. So soon, it only remains to wait and assess the progress of the coronavirus.