Riot Games we invites you to learn more of Fiddlesticks through a short story on the official website of League of Legends. In this story describes the first encounter with the character where we see what happens to the unbelievers.

Under the name of “The Ancestral fear“the story starts by narrating the first encounter recorded with Fiddlesticks. This storyline is set a long time ago, when a young magician he invoked a scary scarecrow in Runaterra. It was something that he could not control, and “more ancient than the history“.

The story of Fiddlesticks

The different inhabitants of Runaterra they have a way of explaining what Fiddlesticks it really is. Practically there is a version for each faction, for example, the Noxianos believe that it was a farmer that was a bad harvest and he was condemned to be food for the crows.

Be that as it may, it is a very ancient history and it is not possible that so many horror stories so different can be true… Or maybe yes?

In the interior of the lands of Demacia a myth comes to life again and has begun to espacir a – deep fear in the hearts of anyone who will be crossing and live to tell about it. The people blame mages for the disappearance of pawns, soldiers, and travelers. However, the reality of the situation was a nightmare beyond the imagination of anyone.

Photo: Riot Games.

Fiddlesticks it is probably the demon’s most ancient that sat foot on Runaterra and it is the most terrifying.. doesn’t have a clear purpose and no goal in particular, is more, their thoughts are non-existent. It is simply a monster that kills because that is all that dwells within it.

You can find the full version of the history of Fiddlesticks, in Spanish, through this link on the official website of League of Legends.

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