The e-sports each time they have more pull. Is expected to get more and more income and the end of their championships already continue as if a final of the European cup were.

Playing video games is no longer a thing of freaksbut are a trend on the rise each time you add more followers, and that builds partnerships so unexpected as that of Louis Vuitton and Riot Games.

But before we will answer a question that, if you’re outside of the world of video games, perhaps you ask.

What is the LoL?

According to the experts of 3Djuegosthe League of Legends, also called LoL, is a video game online multiplayer inspired in the mod of Warcraft III, in which players fight each other in strategic battles, five against five. Each player invokes champions of a universe of fantasy and wins the first team that destroys the nexus of the enemy.

If you’ve gone cold and you didn’t know what the hell I speak, is simple: it is a fantasy game in which you control different characters to fight in battles.

Since 2009 it has become one of the most popular video games of all time and is the PC game most used in the worldand without a doubt one of the main culprits of the rise of e-sports.

As in many other games, tournaments are organised to face the best gamers around the world, and although in the beginning it was more something from you guys, every time they form more part of this world gamer.

The collaboration of Louis Vuitton in League of Legends

Riot Games has joined this time with Louis Vuitton in a historic collaboration between the legendary Maison the French and the american organization of e-sports, creator of League of Legends. And what has made it to the Championship of the World that will begin on October 2 in Berlin, and whose final will be held in Paris on the 10th of November.

What is the result of this unique collaboration? Louis Vuitton created a trunk trophy for the Cup of the Summonerthe prize will be awarded to the champions of the world LoL.

Louis Vuitton Collaborates In Lol World Championship League Of Legends

In addition, Louis Vuitton and Riot Games will have a capsule collection of clothing and leather goods, as well as aspects of champion, unique, and other digital elements of League of Legendsthey are all designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, the Artistic Director of the collections of woman Louis Vuitton.

This is not the first time that the French firm creates a bag of this style, as it did with the awards Roland Garrós or the of the World cup FIFA 2018but it is the first time that the collaboration brings to the world e-sports.

There are other clothing brands, such as HYPEBEAST and Seoul Dynastythat have wagered previously a partner in e-sportbut this is the first time that high fashion comes to the gamers with a collaboration just as prominent.

What a reflection of the growth of the e-sports in the world? Without a doubt. In the end the games industry moves millions. Just to give you an example just from January to June 2018, the US had a turnover of 19.500 million dollars in this sector.

Nike, Samsung or Coca Cola are other examples of partner brands in the e-sportsand to this list now joins one of the firms most important fashion of the world. How many luxury brands will continue to Louis Vuitton?

Photo | Louis Vuitton