The developer Riot Games announced that the first championship of “Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies” (TFT) will be held in September of this year. Also, the creator of League of Legends (LoL) referred to the future of this video game within the world of esports.

The championship of TFT will bring together 16 players from around the world to compete for more than us $ 200,000 in prizes. Riot will create a path to the championship to gain access to the global level both in the premier of the game as in online tournaments.

“In the future, the company plans to celebrate the end of each set with a world championship competitive to reward all the players who have dedicated themselves to dominate Teamfight Tactics and give them a competitive goal beyond reaching the top of the leaderboard”, say from Riot.

TFT is a strategy game free of 8 players, of the genus auto-battlerwith 80 million players around the world since its launch. To play from the client LoL. In the next few weeks will be published all the details of the system of classification for scene of Latin america and his path to the TFT World Championship.

The developer is currently working on developing tools that facilitate the transmission and operation of the tournaments. Communicate, he says, very soon the details about the progress. All updates will be published through the official channels of LoL in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.