League Of Legends it is one of the favorite games for the cosplayers to recreate the champions in the real world, because his characters tend to have a considerable amount of skins in addition to stories other that allow you to experience in many ways.

Four cosplayers of Russian origin (Ahri [email protected]_,Kai’Sa @nitaniel996,Akali @judariali,Evelynn @_yokoe) met to give life to the K/DA, Pop Stars, the band virtual LOL. With these amazing our girls are, in addition to being champions on the field of battle, idols to be successful in the multiverse of the game.

The outfits they are formed with great precision, taking care of the details of each member of the K/DA; from the hair, and the way it goes every hairstyle, to the accessories that you use each and every girl. They are dressed from head to toe as the original characters of this alternate version.

As if they were about to sing the hit pop, the cosplayers pose as all superstars of the industry, in addition to that each one is seen that is very focused on projecting the essence of your character, so be it only through a photograph.

In addition to the previous photo, shared a more where you can see more up close details on their cosplays.

We can observe all around care of its aspects, facial as the color of eyes and even the makeup that represents each character LOL.

Yokoe has it that it was their first collaboration as cosplayer and even though it was a challenge in many technical issues, the girls took the job very seriously, spending hours in the studio where the photo that they chose helped them a lot to see these incredible results that we were able to appreciate in your photos.

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