The universe of the League of Legends not only begins and ends with the MOBA 5vs5 we all know, but that runs through many stories and even new video games. The following launched Riot Gamesthe company-developer, was Teamfight Tactics, a strategy title for the rounds in which the player is facing seven opponents in a competition to create a powerful team that will fight for him. The same play from the client LOL, and announced that it will be available for phones starting in march on iOS and Android devices.

The truth is that it is a very important step for Riot Games. Is to listen to the players, to know where to enjoy and where they can have a good experience. It is also to assume that not only are we a computer games company and we open ourselves to the world, cross-platform” he told Infobae Nicholas Jensen, Latam Player Management of Riot Games.

The TFT it will be the first title of the company that would not only be able to play on computers, so that will be a new experience for the users. On this topic Jensen he added: “Deliver this game in mobile will be to enjoy in a better way, or different ways, because not only are going to have to get home to play with, but they can do it while on the way to school, to university, etc It is a way of Riot break the paradigm, and understanding and knowing their players, make the decision to reach out to them in other ways”.

In addition will mean an extra challenge for the company, you will need to give support to a new title, also in cell. “Our dream was always to become a company multiplayer games. We have spent many years looking for it and we stayed with only one. Then it will be a very big challenge to spend to generate a certain mass of players to have a new one. Without a doubt, going to require to be more efficient in the processes of the maintenance that will go on giving. We will have to continue with the balance and with the delivery of new content for all the games. Requires a combination of effectiveness and efficiency, but also, eventually, it will be necessary to add more hands and areas to be able to give you the support you need. For us, the main thing is the experience of the player. We want you to be extraordinary”, he added.

The TFT come to your third set in march, which will have a theme galactic and several new. Removed certain mechanical random extreme to reward the best strategies. Also remove features such as Hextech and Demon. Also reduce the contrajuegos strong and there will be more minor that will help the team to get the advantage in the precise moment.

Despite the fact that the TFT features characters from the League of Legendsthe subject matter is totally different. Still managed to capture the attention of many players. “I think you can relate to the chess because it has a little to do with tactics and not so much with the need to have good mechanics to become a better player. Involves improving your knowledge, understanding the strategies and probabilities to get the characters and assert your economy. Then the great thing is that you mix this, which is very cerebral and strategic, with the world of LOL. The players who enjoy this universe can do it in a different way, occupying another type of skills. The same goes with those who like this type of games, but they did not know the League of Legends” he explained Jensen.

The game was released in June of 2019 and, despite the fact that has outs, and there are players ranked in all parts of the world, yet there is not a competitive format, with leagues, teams and awards. However, do not rule out this possibility: “Riot always analyzes the games that will launching to see if you can generate an ecosystem of esports. It’s going to depend on many factors: if the title to give it, if you have a format of viewer which is attractive and clear so that people can see it, and more players involved, such as amount of players, teams, brands, and others. We will always investigate it, but we don’t take it for granted. Every game is going to be treated as a different world. It is case to case”.