It is No surprise that Riot Games is working on improvements to the client League of Legends. Recently was published an official statement where it specified all the changes, but not read anything out of the ordinary.

Riot Games is back to surprise the League of Legends community with a radical change in the game client. Recently it was revealed that the company would make changes for a better stability of the program, but few seimaginaban the arrival of a Pass of the Battle.

These are the goals of Riot Games with the modifications to the client.

  • We want to reduce the boot time to about 15 seconds, even for the 90th percentile.Th; that is to say, three or four times faster than now.
  • We want to reduce response times, the selection of champions in the 90th percentile.Degrees to about 100 ms. That’s about eight times faster than now.

On the server of China has added a reward system that closely resembles that of Fortnite. The commentator of the league, Joseph ‘Munch’ Fenny, has been shared by social media the screenshots of the new client.

As you can see, it takes the same model of other titles free-to-play as Fortnite. We will have to climb levels to get rewards. In case of paying the ‘Battle Pass’ you’ll get better items, as the essence of blue and orange.

The base price will be 10 yuan, about 10 usd. There are other versions much more expensive with more rewards.

When can I expect the Pass to Battle to Latin America?

So soon, there is no official release date of the ‘Battle Pass’ to the client League of Legends of Latin America. Let us remember that this is a trial period in China. Will have to wait for the official statement from the company.