A few weeks ago, we reported that Riot Games it took extraordinary measures with respect to the eSports of League of Legends in South Korea and China by coronavirus. In spite of this, some broadcasts of the competitive has resumed.

Latin america, on his side, gave start to the revamped “League Latin america” two weeks ago in an arena face to face with the public in the City of Mexico. It is as well as are the tables of the main regions.

ALL Chart – Positions of the League of Latin american after two weeks

The teams read the slope distance in the table. Isurus Gaming was one of the favorites buts it is on the fourth position with Pixel.

LSC NA Table – Positions of the north American League

Team Liquid renewed with ‘Doublelift’ in this season, but who was considered the best shooter of the north American League of League of Legends it is in a very bad streak due to changes in different patches.

LEC Table – Positions of the European League

Europe is perhaps the region’s best future potential is. The newly-promoted, MAD Lions has surprised with six victories and a single defeat. While in the first position there is a quadruple tie between Fnatic, G2, Misfits and Origin.