Bad times for the Internet forums. A few weeks after the close of the official forums PlayStation, it is the turn of the League of Legends. What has been announced by the own Riot Games through a press release. “As of march 9, 2020, we will close the League of Legends forums. We know that many of you use on a regular basis, so that we have not taken the decision lightly”, they explain. “However, when analysing how many of you used them, it became clear to us that the popularity of the platform has decreased in a significant way. Both the players and the Rioters have migrated to other discussion communities such as Reddit or Discord”, so the forums have been “depopulated”.

The company has had few kind words for the moderators: “we Want to give a huge shout out to our moderators, volunteers. Over time we have seen how the program of voluntary restraint blunted to all those sufficiently passionate as to help the players in their local regions. They have put so much work in to offer community event as the cosplay or contests fanarts” they continue. “To the volunteers who have spent the past decades, moderating and helping the community in the forums, we can not thank you more”.

The american company has decided to maintain the forums open for a few daysso that all who want to rescue some of the content may do so once past the date of march 9, although will not last too much. A week later (16 march), the forums will be shut off forever and it will not be possible to access them again.

League of Legends, closure of the forums

League of Legends.

PlayStation closed after 20 years online

On February 27, 2020 the forums of PlayStation, they said good-bye for ever, two decades after it was put in operation. The closing, definitive and irreversible, it means only that the communication channels have changed. From now on, the company will channel all its communications via the PlayStation Blog and social networks. The immediacy of the new tools has worn to the forums, each time more empty.

League of Legends is available exclusively for the PC, although that will change soon, as Riot Games prepares versions for consoles and mobile. In addition, it has announced a new tactical shooter, Valorant, that Guide already been able to test.

Source | Riot Games