As expected, Riot Games working on the port to mobile Android and iOS one of the game modes most popular in the client League of Legends: Teamfight Tactics. This title is separate from the MOBA as a stand-alone game.

This is because the amount of players is extremely active in this game mode. However, the company plans to also point to the release on mobile devices (both Android and iOS).

Through the official website of League of Legends he shared some details to take into account before launch. According to the company, all players will be able to download it on their phones in march of this year.

Some will be able to enjoy the title a bit before but it’s about the countries where they enable the beta. You can register at the link below for a chance to enter early.

What are some of the differences between TFT mobile and PC?

Experience out of the game

When we set out to bring TFT to the mobile platform, we realized that the experience outside the game that exists in LoL was not compatible with the mobile. So we decided to create a new one that would fit the TFT, and to your mobile device. The new experience has a single goal: to bring you to the game.Initially, and as part of our optimized approach, the client TFT mobile account with the social part (rooms, friends and invitations), the system of qualifying and the pass of progress. With time we will add more features.

Visual style overall

We change a bit the visual style in some areas to make the platform to be more clear and easy to use. We try to be as faithful to the PC experience as possible and, at the same time, we promote things that work well in TFT as to create an aesthetic more bright and accessible.

In-game items and champions Shop

We created a special panel of inventory items in TFT Mobile so that the objects to be more “suitable to the fingers.” You can drag to see, equip and combine objects in the same way you do on your PC!

The Shop of champions in the game can’t stay open without compromising the field of battle, so, the store opens and closes with a button. The store will be opened automatically at the beginning of each round and will appear at the top of the screen so that you can reposition your champions to buy and sell. In addition, the follower of stages will only display the remaining time of the current phase while the store is open, so that you have a full view of the field of battle.


The game chat would occupy a large portion of the screen of the phone, especially if the keyboard is open. We believe that it is more important to prioritize the parity of the game, so the chat game will not be available for now.

But what happens with the spam of your gestures favorites or the constant shouts of your Aliplata? Don’t worry about that, you’ll be able to dancing, making fun, send gestures, or express yourself through a special menu of gestures Minileyendas which was redesigned for touch screens. (Pings and gestures for PC will not have change).

What is what does not change?

Almost everything else. The gameplay, game systems, updates of balance, new sets, qualifications and everything that you love of Teamfight Tactics will remain the same. For us, it is very important to maintain the experience, no matter where you play.

That would be all

We are excited to be able to carry Teamfight Tactics, literally, into your hands, and soon we’ll be back to tell you more details. For now, expect the full launch in march (if all the tests turn out well).