One of the favorite game to recreate characters in cosplay without any doubt, this is League Of Legends, as with its great variety of characters, skins and universes alternate gives you the opportunity to cosplayers to fully exploit his talent.

Video games transcend beyond the screen (or monitor) because their stories and all their characters have inspired hundreds of adventures outside of the original lines. On this occasion we find ourselves with a recreation that brought to real life Akali KDA, created by Eritra, cosplayer mexicana. Eritra shows us to Akali in your version KDA in an extraordinary way.

We can observe in the cosplay all elements of this ninja/pop-star they are attached completely to the skin KDA. From the jacket purple, that extravagant pant asymmetric, the cap that gives a touch of urban and reinforces the role of rapper in the group, Eritra is fully committed to giving life to Akali.

With a pose more of a challenge and waiting for it to be part of his solo, this cosplay to left several fans LOL delighted with the recreation.

As we can notice, the details in the accessories are care to the maximum, because even the feature jacket purple portal that incredible patch of dragon.

The followers of this cosplayer have been pleased with their work and feel that this outfit is one of the favorites of Akali, in addition to that Eritra knew how to give you that mysterious essence of ninja to pose in the photographs. The alternate universe of the KDA is the favorite of manyas mentiríamos to say that we have not heard more than once your hit: K/DA – POP/STARS.

Do you liked to be cosplay of Akali?