Riot Games has announced that today, January 10, starts the Season 10 League of Legendsthe popular MOBA study californian and one of the video games world’s largest free. The company responsible for the title have been published a spectacular three-minute video with the who has presented this new stage.

The trailer consists of some champions of the popular League of Legends as Lux, Caitlyn, Vi, Garen and Kai’Sa, among others, who face the creatures and monsters of the universe of the game. Background, Riot Games retrieved “Warriors”, the song that Imagine Dragons he composed for the game in 2014.


For the moment, has not revealed more information about Season 10 of League of Legends, since the study plans to announce a novelty daily from today until the 15th of January. According to Riot Games, will be a year full of announcements, enhancements, and new video games of the universe, League of Legends, as
Legends of Runeterra
Wild Rift

League of Legends was launched originally in 2009 for computers and, since then, is one of the video games free of charge with most players. The MOBA of Riot Games, in addition, has become one of the main titles eSports
and accumulates hundreds of professional teams around the world competing in international championships.