Riot Korea is asking everyone who attended to the study of ‘League of Legends Champions Korea’ in the LoL Park today they return home and do not leave until further notice. Kim Min-ah, announcer of the tournament, was sent to the hospital for symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

It was Has “Bitdory” Kwang-seok who spread the news that the announcer Kim Min-ah it was sent by a mild fever. During the first examination, seemed to have something not so disturbing. However, the case was taken more seriously when he was sent to another hospital to be examined more thoroughly. The announcer was close to many attendees of the scene.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus is causing panic in various parts of the world, the attendees of the LCK are quiet. These same trust in the steps you will take Riot Korea front of the case.

Currently, the items of the LCK are being held without spectators due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Persons entering the arena must be checked and disinfected (hands), as well as using masks. In addition, any wizard that this fever must leave quickly LoL Park.