The day in which we can play Veigar on Summoner’s Rift lying in the bed is more and more near. And it is, imagine being on either side giving get to duke it out with Sett, or throwing showers of bullets with Miss Fortune.

Well, yes, although a while ago it seemed unthinkable, Riot Games is going to make it a reality and, little by little, is going to be approaching the launch date of Wild Rift version of mobile LoL.

Ricardo Kails, which is used to share information of all news related to LoL and Wild Rift, announced on Twitter that the next Friday the 20th we will have further news of the version of mobile.

So let’s go over what we know up to the time of Wild Rift to generate a little more buzz if it is. Did you know that there are already gameplays lurking there?

In the announcement, “there won’t be many new releases, but it will be important to

Kails it was as emphatic in the tweet that put to you, confirming that Friday the 20th would speak more of a Wild Rift. “Attention that there are not many new developments, but we believe that it is important to follow these with the community that expected,” says Kails.

After that tweetthe own Ricardo confirmed that they would not talk about alphas, nor betas or the release datebut that will be an update of the status of development of the game.

And you wonder, what is the news we have to date then? Well, through several Twitter accounts, we have been able to learn more visual details of a Wild Rift.

For example, thanks to the account WilfRiftESPwe know how will be the selection of characters, as well as the rune system and the skill of summoner, or, at least, how they will look on the mobile:

League of Legends for mobile is, obviously, PvP (player versus player) and will be quite accessible for all. For example, in a filtration of a gameplay Nami, we can see how easy it will be to move around the map:

In addition, the client seems that it will be fully animated (though we can disable this option), which gives it a modern touch and attractive outside of Summoner’s Rift.

If you want to see how will be the characters in Wild Rift, go directly to the official page of Riot Games of the game. We’ll leave you with more info of interest about the version of the mobile:

  • You will come to the end of 2020 (if not ahead).
  • There will be heats, like in the PC version.
  • Riot Games will look for rewards cross-platform between PC and mobile.
  • The launch of Wild Rift will also be on consoles, but for later.
  • The characters are the same as in the LoL original, but adapted to mobile.
  • Wild Rift will be playable, as a minimum, in a Samsung Galaxy A7 (1GB of ram) or a iPhone 5S and later.