Riot Games announced today that the summer season of the Championship of Europe of League Of Legends (LEC) will begin on Friday, June 13. This exciting announcement will have two super weeks: Week 1 and Week 8, where the games will be played from Friday to Sunday. The LEC will also have two breaks of one week after the completion of the first round robin in Week 4. The next break will be at the end of the regular season in Week 8, and just before they begin the playoffs. Riot is breaking up your schedule this way to allow flexibility in case they need to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances.

In a world of constant change during the pandemic of COVID-19, e-sports have become an entertainment very much needed for the current events. Around the world, the online players join together to raise funds and spirits to help those in need. The end of the summer will take place on 5 and 6 September this year. Riot is also adjusting the schedule of European Masters, and by moving the End of Masters of the EU to the 19 and 20 September, in an effort to avoid any overlap. A full calendar for the series ER Masters will be available closer to their start date.