The chinese team FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) was crowned as the world champion League of Legendsone of the most important events of the year at the scene of the eSport and becoming in the end you will be the most remembered.

In front of the audience gathered in the AccorHotels Arena of Paris, the team FPX was surprised when it dominated the square european G2that was shaping up as the favorite.

The first game that started the series was marked by the game calculated and strategic G2that little could be done to the aggressive and overwhelming proposal of FunPlus Phoenix. The squad of china was commissioned to neutralize each advance of Wunder, Caps and company, with murders which enabled him to achieve a lot of most of the objectives of the Crack.

In the second game the logic is not very different and the team phoenix swept away his opponent in just over 25 minutes, taking advantage of more of the double murder and more than 10K lead in gold. After the extermination of G2, FunPlus Phoenix closed the game and put the absolute uncertainty for the European team.

With the score two to zero, the third game took about 15 minutes in, introducing the first blood in favor of G2 at the hands of Jankos. With the series against, without much to lose and much to win, the european team did everything to turn the series, but the precision and concentration of the junglero, Tian and carrilero, Doinb of FPXthey break down the illusions of comeback G2.

After a surprise ending with an unexpected champions, the Cup of the Summoneror better known as Summoner”s Cup, is again in Chinaafter the victory last year of Invictus Gaming.

Worlds 2019 began on 2 October in the German city of Berlin, with 24 teams from five continents, all with the mission and desire of devoting himself in the most important tournament of e-sports of the world and take home the prized Cup of the Summoner.

Riot Games announced that the Worlds Championship 2020 will have as main headquarters is the city of Shanghai, in China.