The competitive north american League of Legends entered in the transfer market then that Cloud9 was crowned champion of the Tournament Opening. One of the biggest rumors of this season was the output of ‘Doublelift’ of Team Liquid after a bad season.

TL only won 7 games and lost the other 11. At the end ranked ninth only the top and Counter Logic Gaming. After this bad season, the more shooter veteran of the LCS finally confirmed his return to Team SoloMid.

Of course, much has been speculated about who would be his replacement. Since the computer has already defined one of your new players to your lineup. This is Edward Ra, more commonly known as “Tactical”.

The north american player was part of TSM Academy in the season 2018-2019 but he signed for TL Academy in 2019 and you now have the opportunity to climb to the first team following the departure of Doublelift. Without a doubt, a movement little risky on the part of Team Liquid.