The MOBA League of Legends account with a universe which we must explore. Riot Games has created 146 champion for its MOBA, as well as secondary characters who will be the protagonists of other games.

Remember that when LoL the age of 10, the developer presented new titles on the way. Thanks to Legends of Runeterra we have known the followers of Draven and the brother of Yasuo.

On the other hand, Riot has been working in comics, next to Marvel, to delve into the origins of the characters League of Legends. To mid-2019 is issued free of charge comics of Ashe and now it’s the turn of Zed.

Today, November 21, enabled the Spanish version of the new comic, which you can read in the link below. Unfortunately, one of the directors of Riot announced that this saga will be the last post for free, it will use the traditional route for the following publications.

Read here the new comic of Zed in English.