E-sports have had to take measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In terms of the Major of Dota 2 that is going to take place in Los Angeles, for example, had to be postponed by order of the local government.

On the other hand, the League of Latin american League of Legends he has also taken an extraordinary measure for the following dates. As reported by LoL Esports Latin america, from this moment on will be played behind closed doors to protect the health of the players, the fans.

In the last hours, the impact of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) has increased in all over the world, and it is for this reason that we have decided that ALL is to play behind closed doors from this weekend and until further notice, in line with what happened in various leagues around the world.

Due to the risk involved, access will be denied to the public and press in our arena of esports, and taking extra measures of health for the operation (which will be carried forward with the staff minimum and indispensable).“reads the official statement.

Let us recall that, by 2020, Riot Games moved across the league Latin-american to the City of Mexico. For the first time in the history of the league matches in ALL were played with public, but the coronavirus has been forced to suspend assistance.