Riot Games it has been forced to change the start date of the Mid-Season Invitational, 2020, the international event of mid-year League of Legendsdue to the coronavirus outbreak. The World of LoL, and other events of eSports have also had to take measures in this regard.

The Mid-Season Invitational, 2020unfortunately, it has been affected by coronavirus. Initially, the international tournament was scheduled for may, but now will have to be changed to 3 July by the virus.

After discussion with our league and other partners, we have decided to move to new international tournament in half a year from may to July of this year. This change allows us to avoid the travel restrictions and allow teams from different leagues from all over the world to travel and compete safely. The competition will begin on Friday, July 3 and will end on the 19th of the same month, ” says John Needham in the blog of LoL Esports.

So soon, there is no location defined according to a press release from Riot Games. What is known is that affected also the calendar of the Clausura Tournament of all regions. These are the new start dates.

  • OPL – May 15
  • VCS – May 15
  • LCS – May 16
  • TCL – May 16
  • LCK – May 20
  • LEC – May 22
  • CBLOL (Brazil) – May 23
  • LPL – May 23
  • PCS – May 30
  • LJL – May 31
  • LCL – June 6
  • LLA (Latin america) – May 30

Will there be any changes with respect to the World of League of Legends by coronaviruses?

The World of League of Legends would also be affected by coronavirus. Let’s remember that this event is one of the most important in the world of eSports, but has chosen China as the location for this year.

Riot Games has still not pronounced on the issue, but yes or yes you will play this important event.