The two best teams in the Opening Clear Guardians League live the Grand Final from home. Due to the coronavirus, the eSport official of Peru League of Legends had to change format to an online version.

This Friday, may 8, the LVP and the Group of Trade organized a great show between Instinct Gaming and Deliverance Esports to define the champion of the Opening. This journal had access to their training via online where they shared their expectations of this meeting.

Instinct Gaming

“Entries” – Antony Siapo Perez

How to prepare a team in this season of quarantine?

I had some problems with the internet service, once we train with on a regular basis.

Is there a greater pressure to be the champions of 2019?

Personally I don’t feel a lot of pressure, we’re training to get the best results.

Do you have still in mind the revenge of the tournament Promotion/Relegation in the past?

Yes! That is what we all want in the team!

What are your champions are favorites to go to the half way line and why?

Zed, Talon, Akali; I like its versatility.

What is your prediction for the match against Deliverance Esports?

We will win with a 3-1 at least.

“Watermelon” – Sebastian Andree Mondaca Gari

Why they were not able to keep pace with the start of the season where they won 9 games in a row?

We had a start very powerful, after finishing undefeated in the phase back, but we didn’t realize our weaknesses and those we played against.

Do you think you will return to the Promotion/Relegation of the League of Latin american?

We hope that yes, we are giving it all and we expect to improve our results from last year.

Are you concerned about that Deliverance Esports has reached the Grand Final with a three to zero against the Mad Kings?

Personally I think Deliverance has always been a strong team and have been proving it this week by beating another favorite for the final as it’s MK by a resounding 3-0

What are your champions are favorites to go to the bottom line, and why?

Of all the support the one I like most is pyke for their mobility and ability to get many of the killings, a thing that is rare in most supports, then that I enjoy the most would be gragas and rakan.

What is your prediction for the match against Deliverance Esports?

It will be a final close, and we expect to win at least 3 to 2.

Deliverance Esports

“Swifu” – Daniel Guzman

What is your prediction for the match against Instinct Gaming?

My prediction is that we will win us since we have prepared quite a lot, I hope it’s a 3-0 although Instinct Gaming is a very strong team so that we could be a 3-1 or 3-2 but yes, I bet more for the victory.

Do you think that Instinct Gaming is not at its best, as in the beginning of the season?

I think they’re not at their best due to their change of coach, was very sudden, and to adjust to this type of changes can be difficult for a computer. In addition I feel that they play more individually thing that we dominated as well as the macro, after all it is a team play and we are going to take advantage of every mistake they commit.

What do you think are the favourites in the Grand Final after winning by three to zero to Mad Kings?

I do not believe that we are the favorites but after this game against Mad Kings we come from very strong and Instinct Gaming knows it. In addition we appreciate the support of all the people who are with us.

How have you managed to be the player with the most gold per game of the league? What an ADC should prioritize the farm or play objectives with your team?

Because the most important thing as ADC is farmear your wave so that you can get gold for free without having risks. My recommendation is to never stop farmear in the entire game because it is the basis of the ADC.

A small tip that can help you improve your farmeo (since many make the mistake of failing the minion even if it has little life) is to get to tool practice, to choose any mage without runes, masteries or items and practice last hits with minions. It is a good way to get used to the damage that is inflicted with the basics.

Now, there must be a balance between farmear and make goals; you can farmear well, to accommodate your wave so you don’t lose too many minions and your time to make goals.

What are your champions are favorites to go to the bottom line, and why?

My champions favorites are: Kaisa, Kalista, Vayne and Ezreal. I really like these champions because they have a lot of mobility and a lot of impact within the game.

“Robertiño” – Roberto Alvarado

Are you capable of taking away the crown to Instinct Gaming in the Grand Final?

We are talking about a percentage of existing and high. It has been shown over the last few weeks of what we are capable of. I had the opportunity to get them at a match point in the MasGamers and I think that this template of Instinct Gaming was so much better than the current one.

How are training in this season of quarantine?

In a stage of crisis it is difficult to give priority to something that is not essential; however, when a get to meet with the family can be a time for passion (League of Legends). We’ve adapted to, on the whole ‘Manu’, argentine player, who has shown a lot of strength to pull this off.

Do you think that will reach the Promotion/Relegation of the League of Latin american?

I believe that Peru has always been criticized in the regional. I think that this is the time to show and change the story. We have had the opportunity to practice with teams from other leagues and we have seen that they also have weaknesses. What if Blue Esports (Catholic University of Chile), was able to why Deliverance Esports not?

What is your prediction for the match against Instinct Gaming?

I think that match point is a great show for the spectator. I think that is my prediction (3 to 2). In the fifth game we’re going to be all excited because Instinct Gaming is a very good team.

What are your champions are favorites to go to the half way line and why?

The fact that I work certain champions doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that I can play it. Simply, it shows that I have taken advantage of the opportunity. I recommend three champions strong in the meta and it is difficult that you can respond: Lissandra, Malzahar and Orianna.