Clear Guardians League it is the eSport official League of Legends in Peru. This competitive replaced the former National Circuit but under the modality of the league. Only the eight best teams in the country compete in this sport.

On the 30th of April, we played the first semi-final between Instinct Gaming and G-Pride. The ‘beam, the current champion of the competitive, managed to win the first ticket to the grand final after victory against the gorillas by three games to one.

Today, may 1, at 7 in the evening we will see the útlimi semifinals match between Deliverance Esports vs. Mad Kings.

The Clear Guardians League started at the end of January and throughout this 2020 dealt US$ 40,000 in prizes and a quota to participate by rating the League (Latin american League of Legends (ALL)the maximum competition of LoL in the region.

The formations of the semi-finalists


  • Cristian ‘Sr. Thin piece of wire’ Vergara
  • Dylan ‘Tsun Tsun’ Gonzalez
  • John ‘Why Not’ Lopez
  • Daniel ‘Swifu’ Guzman
  • Cristian ‘Böse’ Degrees
  • Luis ‘Perseus’ Fifth
  • Roberto ‘Robertiño’ Alvarado
  • Kheybert ‘Xkey Déstiny’ Aguirre (Coach)

►Mad Kings

  • Joshua ‘Gohan’ Ccasani
  • Sebastían ‘Ámarant’ Castle
  • Alex ‘Pendulum’ Maldonado
  • Renato ‘Snoopy’ Chavez
  • Harold ‘Skanito’ Quispe
  • Viktor ‘Get Gosu’ Stiglich
  • Juan Carlos ‘Suplife’ Sanchez (Coach)

►Instinct Gaming

  • Erick ‘Brayaron’ Pereda
  • Jordan ‘Laro’ Barvoza
  • Antony ‘‘oeuvres’ Siapo
  • Edwin ‘Scenario’ Tapia
  • Sebastian ‘Watermelon’ Mondaca
  • Jorge ‘Shall’ Mendoza
  • José Miguel ‘Madoka’ Melquiades


  • Giomar ‘Alex Mercer’ Ojeda
  • Franco ‘Ganks’ Sanchez
  • Israel ‘VEPC’ Diaz
  • Andrés ‘Xamex’ Colán
  • Jeancarlos ‘Jealow’ Sanchez
  • Sebastian ‘Traitor’ Quecaño
  • José Luis ‘San’ Cáceres
  • Maximilian ‘Chai’ Flowers