Clear Guardians League, eSport peruvian League of Legendsis just days of initiating the Closure. Know the dates of return of the different leagues of the continent.

Instinct Gaming managed to win its third split in this eSport vs Deliverance eSports. After having lost the first encounter no-shows, they managed to win the following three to be crowned champions of the Opening.

Clear Guardians League will resume on June 4, along with the competitive Argentina iga Master Flow. Let us remember that the champions of the closure will face off for two seats in the League of Latin america (which is played in Mexico).

Calendar of the start of the national leagues of the continent

  • Chile: League of Honor Entel / Monday and Tuesday at 18h (CL) from the June 1, (Channel)
  • Ecuador: Volcano Discover League / Wednesday at 18h (EC) from the June 3 (Channel)
  • Argentina: League Master Flow / Thursday and Friday at 18h (AR) from the June 4, (Channel)
  • Peru: Of course Guardians League / Thursday and Friday at 19h (PE) from the June 4, (Channel)
  • Mexico: Division de Honor Telcel / Wednesday and Thursday at 19h (MX) from the June 10, (Channel)
  • Colombia: Golden League / Monday and Tuesday at 19h (CO) from the June 15, (Channel)

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