League of Legends wanted to celebrate again the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOTB for its acronym in English) with content in the game, it already has been doing since 2018 each time it reaches this date.

In this case vuelven to launch the Pore rainbow, whose broad appeal —beyond to show your support for the collective LGBTQIA+— is that when you get equipped if you enter in game you will see a trail especially after your champion when it is ‘safe’ asset.

For this year have decided to introduce six new icons, and each one of them will have its wake special to try to represent the diversity of this group and players can choose how they want to “show their pride and support.”

The icons will have to be purchased in the store, yes, but his price only will be of an essence bluethe ‘currency’ that you get on League of Legends for free and that regularly serves mainly to buy champions that you don’t have to ‘craftearlos’, to increase the level of mastery or for the basic set of Effigies.

You can find them in the section of accessories of the store, although these moments are also in the initial screen. You can buy them all together or separately, although it is true that it is much more useful to do with all together because in that case you get six for only an essence bluein addition to the time savings. Will be available until 30 June.

Another novelty this year is that will also be available in TFT, a mode that to these heights of 2019 still did not exist —came to the end of June—. There will be a little different because there is the bonus ‘Safe’, but it will be when you are in the carousel or by going for an orb of loot.

The icons, yes, may only be equipped from the PC, although the effects will also appear in the mobile. The effects end at the end of June, but the icons will remain in your inventory forever.