The eSports team, a global League of Legends announces the Mid Season Streamathon, a new charity event

Riot Games has announced through the ESports team global of League of Legends the Mid Season Streamathon. This is an event for charitable purposes dated to the end of the month that will aim to raise funds for the fight against the COVID-19. For the duration of the transmission there will be various activities between the different regions as matches between leagues, items for exhibition, and much more.

The event, which will last 48 hours, will begin the May 30, at 2:00 cet and will end on the June 1,. Activities will include matches between the best teams from different regions. There will also be duels influencers and the parties of the Mid Season Cup. This competition will pit the 4 best teams of the LCK against the 4 best teams of the LPL.

During the event, fans will be able to make your donations to support the fight against the pandemic. The money raised will be distributed through the Fund of Social Impact organizations that fight this disease by the world. These organizations, such as ImpactAssets COVID Response Fund and the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund is responsible for supporting the health of all the world in the treatment and prevention of this disease that has taken over the world. The funds raised will be added to the 4 and a half million dollars Riot Games it has already spread throughout the world to combat the virus

What you seem to this event to fight the COVID19? Tell us your opinion about it or if you’re thinking of donating in the comments section. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and in the web to be aware of all the news of the world of video games and not to miss any novelty.

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