A little over a year, it was announced that the leagues of Latin america, North and South of League of Legends is fusionarían in a single creating the League of Latin america or ALL, which would have its headquarters in Santiago de Chile.

This meant the relocation of several teams from Mexico to Santiago, those who had to seek a place to live and practice. Has passed only a year since this and Riot Games returns to surprise us with the announcement that the ALL, moves to Mexico.

As they explained in a press release that it has a relationship with a collaboration agreement of three years with the rayed mexican TV Azteca, Sand The Place To Play and Cinemex. In addition to add a public and private physical where will the league in front of a live audience.

In the official press release, detailing in addition to the transfer to Mexico City equipment, rioters and talents of camera will be supported by the team of Riot Games in the City of Mexico to the process of moving operations.

About this news that impacts the community we speak with Santiago Kegevic, Marketing & PR Manager for Latam of Riot Games.

The main reason has to do with the trade agreement that was achieved with Cinemex, Sand and TV Azteca, and what triggered it were the results of the league. The truth is that this year the LLA in terms of what it was the audience, the consumption of content and the participation of sponsors has been very large.

All this success did that in Latin america would have a keen eye on the scene and many are interested in being a part of it. During the year it opened up doors of multiple trade agreements in Latin america and, finally, evaluating all the options, the partnershipo with Cinemex, Arena, and TV Azteca was that it seemed to us that he was going to have the possibility of having the greatest long-term impact on the development of the ecosystem of esports.

I would not say that it was a goal, but it was always an aspiration the truth that the public face-to-face, at the level of how many people one touches, is quite marginal with respect to the amount of people that one manages in the transmission, but the truth to have a place face-to-face allows you to sense a lot more clear the passion that is generated by the esports people and also in the professional players.

We believe that at the level of impact that has to the transmission is something super positive, and is something that fans have long ago come to us asking and we had not had the opportunity to take the step. We love the possibility to have it, and we believe it will help us to have a transmission much more exciting and interesting for the audience

It has nothing to do with the closeness with NA, and the other, to give to understand that it is not only economic, but that has to do with the place and the conditions are right to develop esports in the future. Then obviously there is an economic component but also has to see, for example, with the whole ecosystem of content distribution networks that have TV Azteca and Cinemex as part of the strategic partner in the future. It is not only economic, and the closeness with the server of the NA was not a factor.

The equipment we gave them the news today and it is a major change and it is fast, and in normal conditions I think that is not a space that we had taken, but understanding what that means for the scene, the treatment of these features, we believe that without a doubt is the best way to do this.

We have already spoken with most of the teams, the vast majority of the equipment has been excited with the opportunity, and the other thing that is super important is that we will be supporting the teams both administratively and financially, because we know that move operations is non-trivial, and we also know that some have just arrived to Chile or other newly-formed, such as All Knight, then ask them to take a step of these features is certainly challenging and we want to be there for them both financially and administratively, to be as simple and easy for them.

The conclusions are super positive both at the level of outcomes, audience, content consumption and number of brands concerned. The unprecedented results in Chile have enabled this opportunity so great that it presents to us today for the development of esports.

In addition, this year probably had one of the leagues in Latin america more interesting and more unpredictable than we had a long time ago, because both the CLS as the LLN, had actors, super dominant, and the lower part of the table in general tended to be super unimportant. This in ALL was not given and this meant that we had a competition very entertaining, very dynamic. It is difficult to think of a better scenario.

No, as a team of esports and Riot Games our commitment is to develop esports in Latin america and to bring the events of League of Legends across Latin america, and, in fact, that we are in the north or in the south, we are in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, or Peru, it is little relevant for what we want to achieve which is to bring events of League of Legends and esports in League of Legends across the continent.

Along with the announcement was released a video that we leave then.