Mexico city /

The main Latin american competition of League of Legends, known as Liga Movistar Latin America it will change your headquarters to Mexico City during the season Opening 2020.

From the afternoon of September 12 is started to circulate the news about an important announcement with respect to the change of venue. At the beginning of the season closing started running a rumor about a possible change of venue they would come from the hand of Aztec Sports and his new interest in the Esports.

As it turned out not to be a simple rumor, and both the account Tozteca Sports and LoL esports Latin america have confirmed the news. ALL will come to Mexico the next season in a partnership between lto television mexicana Tv Azteca and Cinemex, the owner of the popular Gaming Centers Sand where there have been several gaming tournaments.

The release LoL esports Latin america clarified that although the league will move to the City of Mexico, support her in as much as you can to the teams for this transfer. He also added that despite the fact that the face-to-face made in Mexico, the finals will continue in all of Latin america.

When they decided to unify the two leagues Latin america in a, many showed their dissatisfaction and the news about the headquarters in Chile to the most were not pleased, since many people complained that Riot he had left to Mexico one of its most active countries in terms of esports.