The temporada of opening 2020 of the League Latinoaméricto came to an end last Saturday, may 2, in the city of Mexico, being victorious the chilean team All Knightsin a final against his recurrent rival, Isurus Gaming. However, the greatest victory was that of the millions of fans that tuned in ALL the length and breadth of Latin america, making the opening of the LLA 2020 out the competitive season over view of the history in the region.

Regardless that on this occasion the meetings could not be transmitted under the show the followers of LOL and esports they are accustomed to, the League yielded great results, which demonstrate that the esports and the competitive LOL grows year after yearthanks for the support, feedback and passion of thousands of viewers who share this great passion.

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This year Riot Games managed to an unprecedented partnership with international media that allowed expand the dissemination of esports thousands of new followers, by means of digital channels and cable television.

This strategy allowed gather 8 million unique viewers, 116% more in comparison to the opening of the league last year and 11 million views total, 74% more than in 2019.

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In addition, the 87% of the audience was connected to the League by means of own channels from Riot Games, distributed in several countries of the region: Argentina, Colombia, Chile (22%), Mexico (26%), and Peru, adding to the list the united States as a foreign country.

Interesting facts about the event:

  • The amount of unique viewers of the opening of the LLA 2020 could fill 114 times the Monumental Stadium (Argentina), 166 the National Stadium (Chile), 117 the Metropolitan (Colombia), 91 the Azteca Stadium (Mexico) and 160 the National Stadium (Peru)
  • The opening of the ALL 2020 had a total of 112 hours of transmission in front of the 145 hours of 2019, 23% less, due to the change of format of the competition, yet it broke all the records.
  • While Mexico and Chile represent the largest part of the audience, with 26% and 22%, respectively, this year there was a 11% of audience that comes to us by surprise, from the united States.