Riot Games, the company that created the game League of Legends he decided to take drastic measures in terms of their competencies for fear of the Coronavirus. Had announced that the League Latin america (ALL) I was going to be played with no public after the end of the weekend, and now they decided to postpone the next two days, with the order to protect the players and to the staff of the teams. That is to say that the dates 9 and 10, which were to be played between Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 of march, would be held the following week.

In the first instance the games were to be played without an audience in the arena Cinemex, located in the shopping Artz Pedregal, place to play regularly. However Riot spoke with organizations and began to evaluate the possibility of each team compete from your Gaming House. It was the most viable option, but connectivity problems between the houses (not all squares have the same latency on all servers due to its location), and the fact that some people preferred to have referees present, made it impossible to this decision.

“In previous days we have taken security measures due to the crisis of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) over to the international standard to protect the physical integrity of our staff and partners during the games of the LLA. However, our partners have expressed concerns regarding the possible contagion risk they face in the move to our Arena and the possible interactions within the plaza where it is located.

As the regional office, you will always the health of all our staff and partners on the highest priority, and we want to make sure that any kind of concern for your health may affect the integrity and competitive in our sport. For this reason, we have taken the decision to suspend activities this weekend. Our esports team is focused on making the necessary changes so that ALL return next weekwith the teams playing from their Gaming Houses, and the operation reduced to a minimum and from a area safer and more controlled. We will provide more details on this as soon as possible”

In past days the staff of Riot Games approached alcohol gel and wet towels to the equipment upon entering and leaving the arena. The same is located in one of the malls busiest in all of Mexico City, and the contact with people is inevitable. During this interval Riot will seek to work for the next weekend, the teams can compete for the ALL from their homes.

This is not the first league at the global level that takes this determinaicón, as the Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL), the most important competition of China, it will be played remotely. The same was suspended during several weeks, and on the 9th of march was resumed via online. In both, the League of Legends European Championship (LEC)the highest category of Europe, took a drastic decision this Friday: the tournament will be suspended until further notice. This is because they have the suspicion that someone of the staff was exposed to the virus.

Minutes after the release of the ALLthe League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) of north America, he warned that they will suspend all of its activities, including the teams academy in the immediate future. They also decided to move the end of the split Spring. I was going to take place in the north of Texas, but it would play in the core studies of the LCS.

These measures will cause an imbalance in all the competitive calendar of the League of Legends in 2020. Many leagues were delayed, so that the finals will be played on dates that were not planned, and probably without public or online. For this reason it is delayed Mid-Season Invitational, which pits the champions of each region. Will be held midway through the second split of the year (in July) instead of may.

In turn, the more likely it is that delayed the start of the second tournament of the year, which gives quotas for the World, whose headquarters was going to be China, where originated the virus.