The official tournament of 1 vs 1 League of Legends began with its national phase in different countries in April. The enrollment for this first phase of the tournament ran between 24 April and 4 may in Argentina. However, for those who have not been able to participate in the national, the International Online Qualifier is open still for the entire region (LAS/LAN) up to the May 30, and June 7 in your two options.

The tournament, sponsored by Red Bull, breaks the logic of team work that characterizes League of Legends, putting your competitors in battles of one against one in which the winner is the first to kill the other, knock down a tower or farmear 100 minions.

In 2019, the tournament was attended by 25 thousand players are registered in 29 countries, although by that time it was called the Red Bull Player One. The canadian Tristan “Jumong” Cote-Lalumiere was the winner of this latest edition.

The Red Bull Only Q it consists of a phase-national, a regional and a global final. There are also additional phases as the above-mentioned International Online Qualifier, where players can try their luck either that they have lost the nationals of their country or have not been annotated.

The requirements to participate are: to be over 16 years of age, have a valid passport and an account of League of Legends in good conditions (without penalty). With all of this, plus the fact that we do not allow the participation of professional players, the Red Bull Only Q offers an inclusive experience where all players have a chance of getting to the top.