The rework of the semi god Volibear is increasingly close to coming to summoner’s rift, Riot Games a few weeks ago, decided to present the appearance of the bear, the bearer of storms. This was done through a live broadcast, which screened during long minutes the bridge that crosses the abyss of the wailing, there were gradually revealed their new skills.

With the arrival of this new Volibear, was fulfilled the promise of the company to give a new look to those who have bought the champ before her rework, methodology that was used during the event of murky waters that it submitted to the new Gangplank and Miss Fortune, this latter receiving a small visual change.

So each player has to Volibear purchased, you will receive as a gift the new look of the champion, Volibear Thousand Battles, a skin that will share the collection along with other aspects of the demonic.

98496 volibeargratis article m (1) - Last day to buy Volibear and be worthy of his new skin free a Thousand Battles