After a split with TSM in the LCS, Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup has become home, to the LEChand in hand Misfits Gaming. In an interview ESPNthe shooter Danish talked about TSM and the problems that had throughout his short stay in the team.

First impressions and problems

The first impressions the team were not bad. As he says Kobbe, the players had skill and had potential. However, the transition to NA was the most cost. At the beginning of the split, just move your entire life to, and it seems that could not focus of everything in the game and in practice. Because of this, TSM did not show its best face in the first few weeks. As she was passing the time, the team improved a bit; but, with the arrival of the crown, it all went belly up again.

TSM had a Split Spring full of ups and downs and horseback riding among two styles opposites. On the one hand, were aggressive and played for the early game; on the other, they were waiting for the game middle and late. On this, Kobbe says: There were problems between the coaching staff and the players because we had different ideas on how to play.” And adds that the team did not play so well if they had to play in the bottom lane, and that is why was not able to shine or do anything, virtually.

The arrival of Doublelift surprised

The signing of Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng was taken by surprise. A few days after losing against FlyQuest in the play-offs, TSM said that they were going to try to Doublelift. I was surprised because the feedback that he had received following the series against FLY had not been wrong, had been pretty simple and based on that would speak more. Based on this, wasn’t expecting him to cast after only a split.

What went pretty bad for more than a month and a half with all the leaks and others, but thank you to the club left to choose his next team. Did not want to sign for another team in NA because he I wanted to play in a team top, so that the supply of Misfits moved him.

MFS surprised many at the Split of Spring, so we’ll see if the arrival of Kobbe makes this team catapult to the top and to the World.

Source: Riot Games

Source: Kobbe Interview, Spring Split with TSM and returning to the LEC | ESPN ESPORT of Emily Rand

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