A few weeks ago, it was announced that Joshua “Khatt” Leesman would be the new head coach of Team Liquid. The excomentarista of the LCS gave an interview to his computer and talked about how you can assist in the communication of the team and your short-term goals.

The importance of communication

Many may wonder, why a commentator has gone on to be a coach? doWhat can you bring to a team? Khatt what is clear: the communication.

For him, a color caster and a coach it now seem that both roles are based in communicate the game. Commenting, communicate the play to the average player and, in commenting on the analytical content, you attract the player more involved. To train, communicate different perspectives of the game to people who breathe. Both are based on taking information from a source and explain it to another, to larger features.

The communication within a team is the key and he, having been a commentator for so many years, considered to have a high-level communicative, which used to be a kind of mediator between the players. With this, you will find that both of you understand the other’s point of view and come to a pwash common.

In addition, he feels that train: It is a great opportunity to experience e-sports from a different angle and to merge all the experiences I have lived.”


Khatt only comments on his goals short-term, which are learn as much as possible of the players and body technician that helped TL to gain. For him, in addition, get ninths is the best thing that could have happened to TL because it is the type of shock that can break old patterns.” With that, it seems that the commentator seeks to implement a new dynamic in the team

This year, the opponent in NA it is Cloud9. However, in the Split Spring had no rival. Perhaps the entry of Khatt help finally Team Liquid to find back your color and your domain in the LCS.

Khatt will be the new head coach of Team Liquid / Source: TL
Khatt will be the new head coach of Team Liquid / Source: TL

Source: Team Liquid of Austin R Ryan

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