This afternoon the Summoners were met with a bizarre notice on the client of League of Legends. It was announced that the Champion Kayn was turned off of the game due to problems within the game and that will not be activated until they can fix them.

In social networks, the Summoners began to demonstrate which were, in fact, the problems with Kayn, and it is a bug rather large, as not long ago looked into League of Legends, and it has to do with your W, Range of Blade.

As seen in the video, when you use the attack in any place of the map, Kayn cause a damage very, very big to his enemies, even though they are far from the range of the skill. Because of this, the Reaper Grim became completely unplayable.

They have even made a video with an edit of several ways to exploit this bug with Kayn, which shows that the bug is really nasty.

We still don’t know when you will return the champion to the game, but surely the team gameplay Riot Games is working hard to fix the bug of Kayn.

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