João Félix has admitted that he plays video games online regularly within their busy schedule of training and matches with Atletico Madrid.

The twenty-year-old compitió in the third consecutive night of the event, FIFA 20 Gamers Without Borders full of stars, with other international figures such as Trent Alexander-Arnold, Dele Alli, Paulo Dybala and André Silva and showed his impressive game system in the live broadcast.

They all participated to raise more than 400 000 dollars on behalf of charities that fight against the pandemic COVID-19. The icon of hip-hop Snoop Dogg and excomponente of the group One Direction, Liam Payne, also joined the alignment of Gamers Without Borders.

Felix, who is seen as the future of Portuguese football, also showed his expertise in the online game, given that it beat with the solvency mate selection André Silva, during the two matches of exibihición. Felix got the two victories, 1-0 and 4-1 against Silva, and they both donated $ 100 000 to UNICEF.

“Game a lot. In the morning training, then lunch, then play a bit, train again, then afternoon play again… so that part of my life. Game of Call of Duty, the Fortnite, the NBA… I think the gaming and the FIFA have held together players, friends, and entire communities in these difficult times. It is always fun to play against other players and keeps us connected in a way enjoyable”, explained João about his love of video games.

It is not the first footballer who has made clear his passion for the game in it’s quarantine. Others, such as the Kun Aguero have been encouraged both have created their own channel on Twitch to receive a great reception from the fans. Even got that Messi would forgive Ibai.

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