E-sports are moving forward with firm step in all over the world, and start to gain a weight years ago it was unthinkable. Despite the fact that the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 has made a dent in the live events in several major competitions, some continue to be conducted online, being broadcast so that fans can enjoy them through the different streaming platforms.

In the case of the scene competitive of the popular title from Epic Games, Fortnitethat during the past few days has held its Champion Series Invitational event, giving fans authentic games of infarction. The champion of its european edition has been the German Janniszand despite only having 15 years has given an overview of all of your competitors.

The Fortnite Champion Series Invitational distributed 2 million dollars in prizes

This German, a member of the team Wave Esports, took home the prize valued at 120,000 dollars. The winner is not the only one who receives a large award, and is the second-ranked, “XL Wolfiez” it got to 95,000 dollars, and the third party, “Aqua” 70.000 dollars. Remember that this Champion Series Invitational deals 2 million dollars in prizes.

The success of this type of event is more than proved, and it is only in Europe 95.000 spectators remained connected to the greater part of the competition via Twitch and Youtube. And to you, what you are interested in this type of competitions?

Juan Lorente

Juan Lorente

A lawyer by profession and lover of video games since probe Street Fighter II on a Commodore Amiga.