Fortnite Champions Series Invitational
Fortnite Champions Series Invitational

The Fortnite Champions Series Invitational it was presented as an event with a prize pool of two million dollars, being 120.000 $ for the winner the european division and Up to $100,000 for its namesake american. During a total of six rounds, the players met each other in different matches to clinch the victory masterful. However, the european winner was surprised not only by their abilities, but also by their age.

The author of this milestone is JannisZ, a player of Fortnite German only 15 years team member Wave Esports. The young man reached to the final of the regional championship with a leadership of 10 points over his immediate pursuer. On his first day was made with five top5, while in the second day of the championship took the victory in a game. His performance was such that it was made with the title before the sixth and final round of the event.

The result of 254 points achieved by JannisZ is, in addition to the honor for having performed such a feat in Fortnite with his young age, popped over a whopping of $ 120,000. The podium was completed Jaden “XL Wolfiez” Ashman (234 points), with a second position valued at 95,000 and $, and David “Aqua” Wang, winner of the Fortnite Duos World Cup, which was home to 70,000 $, thanks to its 234 points.

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“Tomorrow you will have to go to school”

“Without a doubt, JannisZ is someone who does not take eye on the future”said the commentator of Fortnite Arten “Ballatw” That for ESPN. “Even having won to 120,000 $, tomorrow you will have to go to school. I wonder what they will be saying their friends!”

On the other side of the puddle, the thing was not very different. The Fortnite Champions Series Invitational american took a boy of 16 years without team. Under the name of “Furious“came the last day with two rounds outside the top-10, but thanks to the incredible eliminations and good positioning won the victory.

Since the cancellation of the Fortnite World Cup, all the events of the game are done online and the Fortnite Champions Series Invitational is an example of this.