Bloom, Spiritual brought a number of innovations League of Legendsamong them-consideration of Yone in the list of Champions. The character for a few weeks with us, but, as pointed out by Martin “Jankos“Jankowski brother Yasuo will not be available in Worlds 2020.

Jankos said that Yone will be available in the Worlds

In the jungle G2 esports made a statement during the game, playing on your channel Twitch. Jankos was the choice of Champions when one of his viewers asked what he thinks about Yone.

The player, without hesitation, to answer the question and he said that One!will not be available in Worlds. Because of this new character will be “it was still“. Conclusion-this is quite understandable, because a few levels failed to use in the contest.

As if it was not, would it not be the first time Master off to use it in their global. Riot knows the meaning of Worlds only carries out those decisions in cases, in very extreme.

As a rule, occurs only in the case when the master there are errors that makes it impossible or difficult that game could be in order. This at a time where Riot decided to remove the customization.

This situation has already occurred in the Worlds 2015. This time Gragas was that was off in the semifinals. The decision took place a few days before empezasen start take appointments. This led to the fact that there were many computers that had not had time to prepare. Between them Origin.

Then Gragas was one of the options, safer and more effective in the jungle below Maurice “Amazing“Stückenschneider. Even in the community the number of votes claimed to have been one of the reasons for the defeat of the team in the hands of SKT.

The beginning of the Worlds in 2020, every time closer only then we will see that the statements Jankos will become a reality.