Does the rabbit bad could present a show from the video Game?, since your last update, the game Battle Royal the world’s most popular now lets rushear the opponent mounted in a car listening to I Dirty Dancing, Single Bad Bunny

How Bad Bunny in Fortnite?

If it’s okay for now it is only a rumor that Benedict could be in the game, and the players will appreciate the upgrade, which increases morale when faced with shots to the opponent; to be concrete, the presentation will surely be a new milestone for the career of the young singer Puerto rican and for the history of presentations international digital, let’s remember that just a few months ago during the quarantine period an event was held with the live performance of Travis Scott, who broke the record of spectators in a concert, with over 27.7 million unique users with their respective avatar in all the world, viéndo simultaneously, from different angles and locations, by installing a new way to enjoy the showsnot only in content but in platforms, where the of video game consoles are the protagonist, without leaving aside of course the computer.

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J Balvin & Bad Bunny in Fortnite 3

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