Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not only a crack with the ball at his feet. Also what is with the controls and with the console, to the playing since the times of the first PlayStation. More than 20 years later, the swede continues with ‘the touch’.

And what has been shown in a video that has been shared with all of your followers on Twitter, and that already takes more than a few visualizations.

Was playing Fortnite, in the final straight this popular ‘Battle Royale’. When there remained only opponents, Ibrahimovic was a great move which gave the victory.

Zlatan is competitive to no end. In the football and, of course, in video games, whose mode eSports is increasingly gaining more followers.

In times of coronavirus, there are many athletes that have passed the command to demonstrate his ability to, for example, the FIFA.

Ibra is more of Fortnite, and to know if any you have found in any game. Without a doubt, is a rival dangerous if you want to get the win.