In the middle of the mandatory quarantine, which hinders the realization of events face-to-face in all the world, the League Gaming Professional Argentina and Flow announced that the end of the League Master Flowseason opening 2020, it will be in streaming format online on Friday, 17 April at 18 by the channel 601 of the Flow and the channel Twitch of LVP.

The official press release shared today is in line with the recommendations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health of the Nation and anticipates that “the final will be a transmission of the highest quality for esports in the country and will be viewed from the home, with the aim of protecting the hearing and comply with all the regulations that governed the country in front of the juncture of the COVID-19”.

“The League Master Flow is one of the only ways officials access to the League Of Latin American of Riot Games, in addition to delivering important awards in our country. Today, the LVP has as a priority that the entire scene of esports in Argentina to continue with its growth and professionalism, but, this time, given the particular moment that the world is going through, the grand final will be online for you to enjoy from our homes like never before,” said Juan Diego Garcia, country manager of LVP to Argentina.

The rest of the event will continue its course as planned, as indicated by the organization in its official statement, keeping the dates and times were scheduled from the start of the season. Every Thursday and Friday from 18 by the Channel 601 of the Flow and by the official channels of LVP on Twitch and Youtube. For more information about the tournament, results, positions and so on, you can enter on the official site of the League Master Flow.

The League Master Flow is the competition of League of Legends more important of the Argentina, and features ten of the organizations of esports largest in the country. The current is the third edition, and gained so much relevance by the incursion of Fabricio Oberto, former champion of the NBA and olympic medalist in the Argentina team, with your team New Indiansand River Platethat jumped head first into the world of esports with a squad that plans to fight for the title until the end.

The contest is part of the second division of Latam, next to the leagues of Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The best teams will seek promotion to the League of Latin america, the most important tournament of the region.

Different tournaments of League of Legends in the world were postponed by the coronavirus, which forced them to rethink the organization of the international competitions more important of the title. These measures will cause an imbalance in all the competitive calendar of the League of Legends in 2020. For this reason they postponed the Mid-Season Invitational, which pits the champions of each region. Will be held midway through the second split of the year (in July) instead of may. In turn, the more likely it is that delayed the start of the second tournament of the year, which gives quotas for the World, whose headquarters was going to be China. The world situation does not seem to have a clear horizon, so it is still not carried out the reprogramming corresponding.

By his side, the studio behind the game, Riot Games, has donated $ 1.5 million this week to help fight the advance of the COVID-19 in the city of Los Angeles, where he attended a variety of organizations dedicated to providing medical equipment to health professionals and to provide them with food after their long shifts of work.