Mexico, 26 oct (EFE).- Isurus, champion of the League of Latin american video game League of Legends (LoL), overcame this Sunday 1-3 at Rainbow7 and got the ticket to the end of the Opening 2020 in the who will defend the 2 may your reign to All Knights.

The argentine team fell in the first game, but picked up three wins, the last two of a form superior to his rival, who returned to beat in a final phase.


The referees return to train on the grass and prepare to play without public

At the end of the Opening 2019, the shark defeated Rainbow7 by marker 1-3. The party before All Knights of the sabbath will also be a reissue of a match for the title as these teams faced each other in the Closing past.

Rainbow7 defeated in 44 minutes to Isurus, in a first close game that had a constant change of domain of both teams.

The team of the rainbow prevented Isurus stay with the first baron of the day in the 27th minute for them to capitalizaran 30 after deleting the chilean Eduardo ‘Slow’ Garces and the mexican Ali ‘Seiya’ Bracamones and Daniel ‘Jirall’ of the Castle.

Isurus is recovered with a dragon soul of the oceans at the 37 after a fight by teams in which fell the peruvian Renato ‘Renju’ Gallegos, the mexican Francisco ‘Leza’ Jara And the argentine Facundo ‘Shadow’ Neck and Emmanuel ‘Acce’ Juarez.

However, the 42 Rainbow7 ended the game to get his second baron, then do a triple killed the argentine Brandon ‘Josedeodo’ Villegas that when you enter the base for the top rail ended up in an extermination.

The second game was closed, was defined by a bad positioning of Rainbow7 at 38 that left only Josedeodo with life to defend the base before a Isurus strengthened by the soul of the dragon of the oceans.

The advantages for this game were minimal. Both teams conquered barons and they were able to respond in the fighting by teams, but in the end the error of Rainbow7 was final for Isurus equalised 1-1 on the scoreboard.

In the third game, Isurus took the advantage point and was one of the victories in the most uneven of the series.

The rainbow could only throw a tower and conquer the dragon of the oceans in the entire game, in addition to three murders for 15 of the shark.

By the conquest of two heralds, the argentine team opened the map, a Seiya, a Jirall and a Fabian ‘Warangelus’ Plains leading your team in killing.

30, Isurus managed a dragon soul of the mountains and the 33 a baron to pull the turrets grade 2 in the central and bottom three.

The pressure at that time was of the shark, which had Rainbow7 at its base, while the peruvian Sebastián ‘Oddie’ Child was adding to the elder dragon to end the game at 39.

In game 4, the fights team returned to be in favor of Isurus. Warangelus was the key player of a shark with nine murders, the shooter was strengthened as the quarter-final against Infinity Esports.

The marker in gold finished with a difference of more than 10,000 in favor of Isurus, which got 21 murders by only seven of the mexican organization.

The last five fights by computers were final, as it provided an opportunity for the shark to get the dragon soul from the oceans that allowed them to pass to the final.


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